I feel more comfortable and happier in what I'm wearing and have had many compliments.

That's all thanks to you.

A Wardrobe for work. That works for you. 

The World of Work.


We’ve got to do it. We’ve got to get dressed for it.


But it’s not always that easy, is it?

  • You’ve no time to think about YOU in the morning. You grab anything (often with disastrous results!)

  • You wear the same thing every day. It’s so BORING. And just not you     

  • Those mental health demons are making it hard enough to get up in the morning, never mind thinking about what to wear

  • You’ve no idea what the dress-code is these days. Exeter feels quite different to London and you're a bit lost 

  • You’re going back to work after a break and feeling pretty nervous about it

  • You’ve got an interview or presentation coming up. You want to feel confident and make the right impression

  • You’ve just started your own business – what do you wear to sell it well?

The Answer

You need a stock of go-to work outfits that are ready and waiting for you every day.


Outfits that are “you”. That are easy to wear and that you feel AMAZING in!!

Save time, energy, stress and money every single day.

HR and Style – my 2 hats!

Alongside my passion and expertise in wardrobes, I am Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development qualified, a Masters degree in Human Resources and have worked in HR for over 15 years.


I am experienced in interview coaching, delivering training in presentation skills, supporting women back into the workplace after maternity and career breaks and providing coaching on culture change.

Why is it what you wear to work important?


When you are low, it's hard enough to go to work every day. But what you wear can affect how you feel. So, wearing things to work that lift your mood and make you feel good can make a huge difference in how ready you feel to face the day.


Workplaces are changing

The world of work is changing. The traditional 9-5 office workplace is no longer the norm. Homeworking, business casual, digital economies, portfolio careers.

These developments have brought changes in attitudes to dressing for work alongside the casualisation of dress codes in workplaces. It’s so hard to know what to wear these days.


You are your brand

What you wear can give you a competitive advantage. There is no such thing as not making a statement! Your clothes are talking even when you are silent. What you wear helps you to get ahead, be successful, have your message heard, be confident, portray status or be more influential.

Preparing You for Interview - £125

You've got an interview! Aargh!! Let's get you ready to nail it!


This 2.5-hour session combines interview skills and a mock interview, plus advice on what to wear so you can look and feel confident and professional for the interview.

  • Coaching on interview skills so that you can get your key message across during the interview

  • Following a discussion about the role, we will hold a mock interview, under interview conditions with me in the role of interviewer.

  • Feedback on your mock interview

  • An understanding of your non-verbal communication including advice about what to wear to the interview

  • Add on a Personal Shopping session at just £35 per hour

Personal Brand Review - £99

This 2-hour session is about exploring how what you wear contributes to your personal brand. Together we’ll develop a style that really says who you are as a person as well and what your business or career stands for.


You will:

  • Understand what your clothes and non-verbal communication are saying about you.

  • Identify what you want your non-verbal communication to be and assess how close you are to that.

  • Identify the style words which best represent you

  • Understand the impact that clothes have on the way you behave and how others behave towards you

  • Know how to use your personal style to positively influence your Personal Brand.

  • Have a plan to move from where you are now to where you want to be