Can't thank Shelley enough for a fabulous wardrobe overhaul. What a guru! No need to buy more, but pure magic about putting outfits together to create personal style

Wardrobe Sort Out

When you're at your wits' end, its time to call in help!

We get dressed every day. Apparently, it's not acceptable to go out naked! But you despair every day when you open your wardrobe.


Nothing floats your boat. It's too overwhelming to find anything to wear. You're too tired to even think about it. Nothing fits. You're not in a great place so no matter what you put on, you feel and look ridiculous. In fact, there have been times you've cancelled plans and not gone out as you had "nothing to wear." 


I get it. I've been there. Depression has left me so exhausted and low at times that this was me. 

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Shelley Kelly. Sparkly shoes and lavendar on a pale background

Why do I need to sort out my wardrobe?

I know how to make this simple everyday routine a bit easier, less stressful and something that makes your day feel just a little bit better. 

Why do I need help to sort out my wardrobe?

Maybe you've tried to sort it out yourself but it hasn't really solved anything.  You might do a bit of a clearout, throwing out things with rips and holes, but still hang on to....
....... that cashmere jumper you never wear because it cost a fortune!
....... or that T-shirt because you love a Breton stripe, even though you have 17 of them and wonder why you're bored with your wardrobe!
....... or those trousers, because "I will fit into them one day" (even though you have owned them for 5 years but not once comfortably fitted into them!).

Maybe it's just too overwhelming to know where to begin. There is just so much stuff in so many places that you've no idea what is there and more to the point you've no idea what goes with what? 


By the end, you still feel like you’ve got a wardrobe full of clothes, but nothing to wear!!   


You still feel stuffocated! It's stressful getting dressed every day. 


You feel defeated before you've even started the day. 


And you continue to waste money, making the same spending mistakes over and over again.

How will it be better if Shelley helps me?

1. Satisfaction

You've committed to getting this done once and for all. Working together we will actually get it done.  You'll feel lighter and learn things that will last you a lifetime!

2. Organised wardrobe = organised mind

Clearing out your clothes and working through every item makes you think about what you really need and want.


It's therapeutic.  Clients say that clearing out their wardrobe with me gives them permission to get rid of things they’ve hung onto for too long.


I'll keep you focussed and help you to make the decisions. I'll help to fill the binbag,  fold and sort everything back into your wardrobe.


I'll organise what's left so that its all easy to see and wear.  I love good storage and will give you advice on what will work best for you.

3. Less stress and fewer decisions to make

What causes a lot of stress is when you've no idea what goes with what. By working through what's there,  we'll come up with outfits, ways of wearing things together that you might not have thought about. My favourite thing that clients say is "I'd never have thought of putting that with that".


You'll have a stock of go-to outfits so when mornings are already exhausting your wardrobe won't trip you up.

White wooden coathanger with Shelluey Kelly Style sticker against fairy lights

4. Feel Better

Doing this with someone who understands makes it so much easier.


You'll feel lighter clearing through the clutter.


You'll feel more confident knowing what suits you and what doesn't.


It'll be much easier to pick an outfit and get dressed in the morning when that's sometimes the last thing you want to do.

More confidence to go shopping and buy the right things for you and your wardrobe.

You'll feel in control again. Even though physically it's just one place in your home, psychologically this will help in so many areas of your life. 

5. Save money

It's not about spending lots of money on lots of new clothes. It's about getting the ones you've already got to work harder.  We'll come up with your Gap List. It's a list of things you can put on your phone and refer to when you go shopping. You know what to buy so that you buy things to complement what you’ve already got, not fight against it.

6. Know what works for you and why

Possibly for the first time in ages, we'll take a look at your body shape. We’ll talk about the shape and style of clothes and why certain things work for you and others don’t. We'll talk about accessories in a big way too - I love accessories!! It's all in the detail!

How long does it take?

It depends on how much you've got! Most wardrobe sorts are 3-4 hours, some longer, some shorter. If that feels overwhelming, we can split it into more manageable chunks and just do a bit at a time. The minimum is 2hrs. 

Yellow patent sling back flat shoes from Boden on a yellow and blue patterened scarf

How much does it cost?

A full 4-hour Wardrobe Sort Out is £160. Each additional hour is £40.

How do I book a session?

Get in touch with me and we can get you booked in. I normally have a couple of weekdays, as well as weekends available. I sort out wardrobes within a 20-mile radius of Exeter.

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