Why do I need help? Can’t I just throw everything out and start again?

You can, but you won’t! If you’re like the rest of us, you’ll do a bit of a clearout, throwing out things with rips and holes, but still hang on to....
That cashmere jumper you never wear because it cost a fortune!
Or that T-shirt because you love a Breton stripe, even though you have 17 of them and wonder why you're bored with your wardrobe!
Or those trousers, because "I will fit into them one day" (even though you have owned them for 5 years but not once comfortably fitted into them!).

By the end of your clear-out you still feel like you’ve got a wardrobe full of clothes, but still have nothing to wear!!

You feel stuffocated! It is stressful every day to get dressed. And you’ll continue with the same purchasing habits, making the same spending mistakes over and over again.

Clients say that clearing out their wardrobe with me almost gives them permission to get rid of things they’ve clung on to until now. We talk about the whys and the why nots. I take it at your pace, but I can be ruthless when I have to be!

I will suggest different outfit combinations with what you’ve already got. I’ll dispel the myth that things should be kept for best – wear it today! You deserve it today!

Photo by Leighann Renee on Unsplash

We’ll talk about the shape and style of clothes and why certain things work for you and some don’t. I’ll advise on what purchases you can then make to get your wardrobe working harder for you, so that you shop to complement what you’ve already got, not to fight against it.

I love good storage and am passionate about looking after what you've got so I’ll give you advice on what will work best for you.

I'm interested! What do I do now?

"I’m so glad I decided to have a wardrobe sort with you.  I cannot describe what this has done for me.


I feel I have got back the passion I used to have for putting outfits and accessories together. I’m totally in love with my wardrobe again."

Give me a ring  on  07843 006335  for a no obligation chat about how we can bring joy back into your wardrobe. Or drop me a message through my Contact page if you’d prefer.

Wardrobe Declutter - min 2 hours


Following a 1-2-1 telephone consultation, I will work with you in your own home. 


We will:

  • Clear out your clothes working through every item working out what stays and what goes

  • Have an organised wardrobe allowing you to see outfits easily

  • Understand the styles and colours of garments  which suit you best

  • Learn how to wear your existing clothes in different ways, creating new outfits with different accessories

  • Identify the key gaps in your wardrobe and create a targeted shopping list

  • Understand your own personal “rules" for being effortlessly stylish

  • Know how to avoid shopping mistakes


From experience, sessions are normally approx 4 hours, but it depends on how much stuff you have! 4 hours is based on the equivalent storage capacity of 1-2 double wardrobe and 1 chest of drawers/1 storage trunk, plus accessories. However please contact me and let me know how much you have and we can tailor a package to suit your requirements.


However, if you are only able to secure a couple of hours for yourself, then I can tailor a shorter wardrobe sort, going through your main wardrobe garments or specific categories (1 or 2) from: tops; bottoms; dresses; shoes and handbags; accessories; holiday wardrobe etc. Or we can focus on your gaps and the creation of a strategic shopping list.

From £80

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