Wardrobe Sort Out Vouchers

Click on the images below to buy your Gift Voucher.

All Wardrobe Sorting Gift Vouchers include:


  • A 1-2-1 telephone consultation to get to know you and agree the aim of your experience

  • We’ll agree a suitable date and time for your Wardrobe Sort Out session

  • On the day of your session, I will arrive at your home at the agreed time

  • We’ll spend between 2-4 hours working through your wardrobe, working out what stays and what goes and why

  • I will organise your wardrobe allowing you to see what you’ve got

  • We will identify the key gaps in your wardrobe and create a targeted shopping list

  • Follow-up advice via email on how to keep your wardrobe working for you!


From experience, the most worthwhile sessions are approx 4 hours, but it does depend on how much the client has! 4 hours is based on the equivalent storage capacity of 1or 2 double wardrobes and 1 chest of drawers/1 storage trunk, plus accessories.