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Wow what a difference Shelley has made.  She’s really helped me see with fresh eyes how clothes need to be put together and how to accessorise them.


She started by helping me to clear out some of the clothes that I thought I wore but actually didn’t (and to be honest I didn’t feel good in them) right through to shopping and trying on things I would never have thought of. 


This has certainly given me some great ideas and confidence in going out and choosing and buying new clothes.


My husband has also learnt a new saying “a £ a wear’ which has certainly got him on board in spending the right amount of money for some nice clothes.


So thank you Shelley for spending the time giving me advice, holding my hand and helping me be braver in making the most of my wardrobe.


I’m so happy , I even wore my blue sparkly top on Saturday!

Caron's Wardrobe Makeover

I posted a story on my Facebook page about my battle with depression, Shelley saw my post and contacted me to ask me if she could help. She said she had read my post and she helps women like me reclaim their confidence by de-cluttering their wardrobes and helping them to feel good in their clothes. In need of a pick-me-up AND being very conscious that I am rubbish at dressing myself (husband says I get dressed in the dark), the answer was yes please!


Shelley came to my house and spent 2 hours helping me make sense of my clothes, we went through each item one by one and before I knew it I’d discovered that 50% of my wardrobe was made up of clothes that I would never wear again, things I’d hung onto for years. It felt really therapeutic to acknowledge where I am now and relinquish my past (in the form of a huge pile of clothes!). 


Shelley talked to me about feeling good in my clothes and gave me some sound advice, my favourite being: Wear the shoes and use the handbag, don’t save things for best - wear your best clothes to feel good every day. Also “a-£-a-wear” - this perspective really change my approach to sales shopping! 


Shelley totally changed my ideas around what to wear and fashion, she helped me find the confidence to try new things. 


After my experience, I invited Shelley to write about fashion for my online blogzine Exploring Exeter, her insight into clothing and the fashion industry is brilliant. She is knowledgeable, creative and most importantly emphatic.

Stephanie's Wardrobe Makeover

I can highly recommend Shelley’s services. Definitely a positive and uplifting experience.

I was feeling really “mumsy” and didn’t love my clothes any more. I felt stuck. Shelley went through my wardrobe and together we removed 5 (!!) bin bags of clothes.  I have had a number of compliments from friends since on outfits that Shelley suggested using my remaining clothes but wearing them in different combinations. I was really nervous going shopping – I never dedicate 3 hours to myself – family time always comes first – so I was anxious that I didn’t waste the time. But I didn’t. Even if we hadn’t found The Perfect Pair of Trousers, I would still feel it hadn’t been a wasted 3 hours – I learnt a lot about smarter shopping and won’t fall into the same “settle –for” traps that I did before. I also learnt how to look for clothes that flatter my good points and hide those areas I’m not so keen on.

I came downstairs one morning not long afterwards and my 11 year old son said “Mum! Where are you going?”  “To work”, I replied. “You can’t be” was his response, “You look too funky!”  That was the best kind of compliment!

Emma's Wardrobe Makeover

I booked a session with Shelley for a wardrobe make-over and Shelley’s guidance before, during and after the process was as advertised and more.  I just didn’t anticipate is how it would change things for me going forward.

Shelley took a fresh approach to looking at the cut and shape of clothes and how they made me look, irrelevant of where they were from. Before seeing her, I had been saving up so that I could buy an investment pair of jeans - I fully expected to want to try and find that pair of jeans and didn’t expect that to come cheaply. Instead the opposite happened – on sorting out my wardrobe two pairs of jeans came out as stars; one from Matalan and one from H&M. These are the two pairs that fitted me best – and with styling tips and encouraging me to wear them with different things, I got lots of new combinations for no extra money!

I am now so much more organised and having a “stock” of go to outfits which takes the stress of “what will I wear” out of most situations. I’m saving money as I am buying less as Shelley has taught me to only buy something when a) I love it b) it suits me and c) I need it. Instead I’m more considered in what I buy and where I shop – I’ve stopped buying things that I think are an investment because the brand or the price tag tells me they should be. It’s about the cut, the fabric and how well the colour suits me – and that doesn’t always come with a hefty price tag. Looking back at the same period last year, I’ve spent 60% less that I did but gained more wearable options.


So, there has been one investment buy I’ve made and that’s Shelley’s time and that’s the hardest thing to put into context to tell others about – how much that investment has paid off for me – making me feel so much better about myself and saving me money longer term.

Ailsa's Wardrobe Makeover

I’m so glad I decided to have a wardrobe sort with you. I cannot describe what this has done for me. Your passion for your work is very clear to see.  I’m totally in love with my wardrobe. I feel I have got back the passion I used to have for putting outfits and accessories together. I used to love doing it but as I have been organising over the past few days, finding old bits of jewellery I have found myself saying ‘ah yes I wore that with that’ and reminding myself how.

Jenna's Wardrobe De-clutter

Thank you so much for all your help - I feel more comfortable and happier in what I'm wearing and have had many compliments. That's all thanks to you. You have a gift and you should use it! Understanding my shape better and what suits me best, I now feel I'm not wasting money on sale items just for the sake of buying things so many thanks for that. I really ask myself if I truly need it before I buy.

Wendie's Personal Styling Session

I really had fun today, you made the shopping experience much more enjoyable than usual. I’ve just showed my fiancé my purchases and he is as delighted with them as I am! Thank you.

Jenny's Personal Shopping Session

I had done some clearing out of my wardrobes but knew that there was still more to do and it was weighing down on me. I was left with getting rid of things that had sentimental value and that was really difficult. Some of them were my mum’s original clothes from the 70s. Shelley was able to help me to look rationally at the garments and think whether there were other ways to hold on to the good memories without holding on to the garment itself. It was almost as if she was giving me permission to make the decisions to get rid of things. I have significantly reduced the number of clothes I have, but everything I have, I wear. I know what I’ve got now too and can see everything in one place.

Kathryn's Wardrobe De-clutter

Completing the pre-consultation questionnaire really made me think about my current wardrobe and identify what I wanted to get out of the session with Shelley. Until that point I hadn’t realised that my current wardrobe didn’t match my current needs. 70% of my clothes were for work but now that I work part time 70% of my clothes should be more casual. No wonder I could never find anything to wear! She helped me weed out the unloved, undervalued and the downright dismal from my cramped cupboard in a really positive way. I may not have much left (my choice) but what is left is the good stuff and I can see it. I came away with a better understanding of what suits me and what’s missing. She even created a list of what to look for I can refer to next time I’m panicking in the shops. Thanks Shelley!

Sue's Wardrobe De-clutter

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