Your clothes are always talking, even when you are silent.


What do you want them to say?

In a world where decisions are made in milliseconds, how can you gain 

 competitive advantage

through what you wear?

Style for Business

What you wear helps you to get ahead, be successful, have your message heard, be confident, portray status, be more influential. We all wear clothes and these can give you as an individual and as an organisation a competitive advantage. There is no such thing as not making a statement!


The world of work is changing and the traditional 9-5 office workplace is becoming less prevalent. Homeworking, business casual, digital economies, portfolio careers. These developments have brought changes in attitude to dressing for work. And that causes difficulty. There is casualisation of dress codes in workplaces but both individuals and organisations still need to maintain a professional and respected reputation. Nobody knows what they're supposed to be wearing to work these days!


It is widely accepted that what you wear can affect how you feel and how you behave. It can also affect how others behave towards you. It communicates competence, power, intelligence, sociability and mood if you get it right. The opposite if you get it wrong! Different colours can also have an impact on how you feel and how others perceive us – red can be seen as both positively powerful and negatively aggressive. It's more complex than you think!!


How can I help you?


Alongside my expertise in fashion styling, I have a Masters degree in Personnel and Development and have worked as a Human Resources professional in both the public and private sectors for more than 15 years. I am experienced in interview coaching, delivering training in presentation skills, supporting women back into the workplace after maternity and career breaks and providing coaching on culture change.


What am I going to wear?” crosses the minds of individuals in every one of these situations!


I offer bespoke solutions for all my clients and will tailor each of the services below to suit your needs. Please contact me for a free no-obligation chat about what you are looking to achieve and how I can help.

Preparing You for interview

Let's get you ready to nail that interview! This unique session combines interview skills and a mock interview with styling advice on getting you looking and feeling fabulous for the interview. We will tailor the package to include:


  • Coaching on interview skills and techniques so that you are able to get your key message across during the interview

  • Following a discussion about the role, we will hold a mock interview, under interview conditions with me in the role of interviewer.

  • Feedback on your mock interview

  • An understanding of your non-verbal communication including advice about what to wear to the interview


Add on a Personal Shopping session at just £35 per hour

From £120

Personal Brand Review

Following this 2-hour session, you will know the style steps to take you closer to Brand You. Together we’ll create a style that’s consistent with you as a person as well as your business or career, from the inside out.


You will:


  • Know what your current style, clothes and non-verbal communication is saying about you.

  • Identify what you want your non-verbal communication to be and assess how close you are to that.

  • Identify the style words which best represent you

  • Understand the impact that clothes have on the way you behave and how others behave towards you

  • Know how to use your personal style to positively influence your Personal Brand.

  • Have a plan to move from where you are now to the Brand You that you envisage


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