When tights go rogue

Updated: Nov 23, 2018

Tights have the ability to truly divide people - and I mean by way of opinion - some people love them, some hate them. But for me they are a wardrobe staple and open up a whole new wardrobe of outfits options for me at this time of year. But they're not always my friend.....

You see, the lowly tight has the ability to affect my mood. You know the feeling: you dress, go to out feeling stylish and as if you can take on the world and then it happens. You look down and see navy tights with black shoes. Or, you quickly think, are they just old-faded-black tights? Nope, they're definitely navy and right there and then they have that power to hang a cloak of negativity over my shoulders.

And that's it, I've got to then fight a wee bit harder to take on the world. Its not that I care so much what other people think, although for some reason I feel compelled to tell everyone I see for the next hour that "Oh my giddy aunt, you won''t believe it - I've only gone and put on navy tights with black shoes - nightmare!" Its more about how it makes me feel, and as is scientifically proven, what we wear and how we perceive ourselves are inextricably linked.

OK, its a first world, harmless and easily rectifiable problem, but I felt I needed to have a strong word with my tights drawer and they agree with the problem and have organised themselves like a dream, so as not to inadvertently ruin my day again!

And those tights bundled up in satin and velvet ribbon - those are proper, thick winter tights just waiting for their day.

For there's another tight situation which will ruin an otherwise sunny day. And I mean sunny. For selecting 800 denier thermal tights when we're basking in obscenely mild weather is also a foible of the hosiery empire. But look at them, they can now sit there in splendour, causing no harm to anyone, until the temperature drops to minus-chilly and I can unwrap them with joy.

Sorting my tights was such a simple pleasure and allowed me to see where my gaps are, so to speak so many double-entendres about tights I had not realised!). Bright colours and patterns seem to have met their maker at the end of last season, so that's what this months inexpensive-but-oh-so-versatile-and-enhancing-of-outfits purchases will be. Find me dots, stripes, zigzags, leopard print......the dark mornings are going to feel a whole lot brighter!

If you want to add a pop of colour into your wardrobe but are wary of the 'c' word, then try out some bright tights with boots. Be brave. Be bold. Be your beautiful self.

I help women to dress stylishly every day and take away that stress of having nothing to wear. And its the details such as tights which will help in this. If you want to de-clutter your wardrobe, drawers or floor-drobe, or some help to get from nothing to wear to always got something to wear, message me or give me a bell on 07843 00633 and we can put that tangled up heap of a drawer in your bedroom to rights!

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