Stress-free holiday packing Part 2: What to pack

Updated: Oct 6, 2018

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Accessories are king in the capsule wardrobe!

We often spend longer thinking about what to take on holiday than actually deciding where to go! Packing for holidays whatever they look like can be pretty stressful. I believe you can pack for a weeks’ holiday with hand luggage alone. I’m going to give you some tips on what to pack for a hardworking, mix and match suitcase.

Have a look back at my last blog if you missed that to see my key principles for packing.

That was the How, this is the What to pack.

1. Denim. Something denim never goes wrong – jeans, shorts, skirt, jacket, shirt – it shouts pack me! There’s a reason why they are an everyday staple – this doesn’t change on holiday – pack me! Pack me!

2. Tops. Tshirts, vests, tops, shirts – whatever you would normally be drawn to – 5 or 6 tops for 2 bottoms. You can wear them in the day with shorts or jeans, or in the evening with skirts and jewellery. Don’t be tempted to just pack in every top you own. And pattern on the tops or the bottoms, not both. You can mix and match much easier!

Lets say I’m going to away to a cottage in the UK for a few days. Tops for me, with my navy, blue and grey/ khaki neutrals would be:

  1. Grey v-neck T-shirt

  2. Plain navy round necked T-shirt

  3. Plan white v-neck T-shirt

  4. Long sleeved T shirt (white or navy)

  5. Vest top in navy or white.

  6. Navy and white striped sweatshirt

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Summer Dress - so versatile

3. Bottoms. Trousers, jeans, shorts, skirts.

A ratio of at least 2 tops to 1 bottom half.

You can put dresses in here too:

One to travel in, one for day, and one for evening (if you need it).

4. Cover up. 1 or 2 jumpers/ cardigan/ cosy top. If it’s a fleece but all the rest of the items you are packing are pretty dresses, maybe think about something else.

For me it’s a cosy waterfall cardigan in grey/white or a fleece depending on the type of trip.

outfit, accessories, personal styling, blue and white, scarves
Versatility in separates and accessories

5. Accessories. Your best friend on holiday.

This is where you can get maximum excitement and interest for your kilos.

Once you’ve worked out your neutrals and your outfits, you can spice them up with different necklaces, earrings, bangles, scarves (a pashmina is a fabulously practical yet ever so attractive addition). A bold necklace can take a plain T-shirt from day to night and a hardworking scarf in your accent colours goes a long way.

6. Shoes. 3 pairs. No more.

  1. Shoes you are happy to walk a couple of hours in – or maybe that’s just me! You just see much more when you walk – so sandals or trainers/ Converse, espadrilles - whatever that is – wear them to travel as they’re probably your greediest wear per kilo.

  2. I always pack a flip flop. Camping – great for morning loo runs and showers. City – to stick in your ruck sack for the day and slip on when you weary free your feet under a café table for sundowners. Beach – no brainer. In between – instead of slippers in the mornings, short walks to pubs, sitting in a garden reading.

  3. Sandal, loafer, ballet pump, heel - a shoe that you love! Something you can wear with jeans and a T-shirt and when you look down at your feet all you see is joy.

7ish. Carry me. This isn’t strictly going in your case as some airlines will now allow a small ruck sack/ tote bag/ strawbag as carry on too. And I'm likely to be going by car and train this year so no limit. You’re looking for something big enough for SPF, sunnies, water, phone, wallet, cereal bar, plasters, paracetamol, lipsalve, etc etc – just like you would if you weren’t on holiday. 1 little clutch bag for evenings if you think you’ll need it.

These tips should allow you to create numerous outfits from the same garments. I’d love to know how you get on with your packing. And just imagine if your whole wardrobe allowed you to dress this easily. Think of the time you'd save each day! Think how confident you'd feel knowing it all "goes"!

Contact me on 07843 006335 or through the contact page to find out how we can make this a reality for you - you deserve it!

Shelley x

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