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Updated: Oct 6, 2018

Shelley Kelly

A lot of my clients are mums. When we sort through their existing wardrobes some of the most prevalent brands are Tu, Florence & Fred and George. Escaping for an hour to do the weekly shop is often the only time busy mums get to look at clothes and think about themselves.

Am I really a little teapot??

Let me talk to you about the virtues of this dress and my thinking around it:

  • Summer dresses was on the list of wardrobe gaps I keep on my phone and refer to any time I go shopping myself. I only buy my gaps!

  • This dress was £22 - I am definitely going to get a £ a wear from this

  • The length of the dress was wrong for me - it sat below my knee in a pencil skirt fashion. This is fine if I want to wear heels a lot, but I don't. So I took it to the tailor in town, and spent £15 on having the hem shortened and blind stitched. So now the dress if £37, but I am still confident that I will wear the dress at least 37 times over the next couple of summers as its now a perfect fit on me.

  • I have accessories in both of the colours - navy and coral - so I know I will have things to wear with it without spending any more money

Now let me talk to you about the shoes. Bought in 2014, along with another pair in a nude/ mushroomy colour, these shoes cost me £55.20 (I dug out the receipt last night to check - anyone else have a receipt drawer??). I remember thinking that this was quite a lot for a pink pair of shoes, but boy have I had my £ a wear - I have worn these hundreds of times - christening, wedding, pub, work - and when I look down all I see is Joy. So be bold, buy the fabulous shoes - make them good quality and they will last you for years.

So I think I'll be looking a bit more at what the supermarkets are offering in the clothing ranges. The same Smarter Shopping rules apply:

  • Just because its reduced doesn't mean its a bargain!

  • Do you love it madly or need it badly?

  • Does it work with the rest of your wardrobe?

Oh I could go on, but I'll get back to prancing around like a little bundle of joy in my favourite walled garden!

I can help you feel this much joy with your clothes. Follow me on Facebook for more fun with fashion.

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