London Fashion Week 2018

Updated: Oct 6, 2018

I went to London Fashion Week this year and learnt sooo much!

London Fashion Week, styling, catwalk show

I saw 3 trends being showcased on the runways for the spring/ summer season. It was inspiring to see how the fashion forward designers are interpreting these trends and there's lots we can pick up on to build into our own wardrobes.

So Trend 1: Vintage Vacation.

This is the one I think is the most wearable (provided we get some sunshine!). Think bold prints, floaty fabrics, giant sunhats and sunglasses, and this season's essential - the straw bag.

There are some great ones out there on the High Street…/Seagrass-Circular…/p/SECBG…

And if you want something more versatile for our seasonal weather, you can still opt for the round bag trend but in leather…/p/p60126373…

London Fashion Week's 2nd Trend!

And its New Wave.

So what does that look like? I have to admit I wasn't sure what to expect myself, but I kinda like it. Its something I could see myself and lots of my clients wearing and something you can quite easily build subtle elements of into your wardrobe.

The key colours here are white, black and red, and its all about graphic slashes of colour, strong shouldered tailoring, sharp angles, striking shapes.

There is LOT of red around at the moment in the shops. If you want to play safe and use accessories: find a belt, statement necklace or earrings that you could wear with your neutrals to feel safe, but still on trend!…/uk_cat…/acc_2,acc_2.3/4829816000…/red-leather-obi-belt-leather-corset-……/bel…/skinny-belt-pack_13090387.html

And have fun with it - that's what its all about!

London Fashion Week Trend #3 - Cyber Sports

Moving on from athleisure, designers were showcasing their latest take on casualwear this year. It blends 90s Ibiza nights with technical performance clothing. Lots of metallics, nylon with neon, zips and fastenings, sheer lightweight fabrics, see-through plastic!

So I'm immediately thinking this is quite a tricky one to wear when I'm not the age I was in the 90s!!

So the key with this one is to go small and subtle. Use your neutral staples as the backdrop to this fun and funky trend. A nod to metallics here, a stripe of neon there, embellishment of see through plastic somewhere! And all of these can be found in trainers, bags, T-shirts on the high street. They should be easy to spot!

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