5 Top Tips on how to be trendy this season

Clients often say “I just want to feel a bit trendier.” But look in their wardrobe and there’ll be something in there that has come back around again and is once again “on-trend”. It’s being able to work out what that is and how to wear it that’s the key. And I can help.

But what is a trend? What makes something trendy? And how do you wear it?

A trend is synonymous with fashionable. Things that are in fashion are also on trend. Trends are cyclical and tend to be short-lived – anything from a few weeks to a couple of years. There are very few brand-new trends. They re-appear when you least expect it – sometimes they’re obvious and sometimes in an entirely different version of themselves.

Your wardrobe should be a mix of basics and trends. If we take a Great British Bake-off analogy - staples are your sponge cake - trends are your chocolate sprinkles. Make the best sponge you can and have fun with the sprinkles!

Take skinny jeans for example. Jeans are a staple. Skinny jeans are a trend. Jeans are the workhorses of your wardrobe; they are your staple. But skinny jeans are the ones that the media have been telling us are fashionable for the last couple of years. They are the trend.

But look out – embroidered jeans, low-slung straight jeans, hemline details – these are all about to be trends for autumn 2019.

If only I’d kept my Splinter embroidered jeans I wore to see Wet Wet Wet in 1989…who knew I’d have been on trend 30 years later! And I admit it….I had the denim jacket to match the jeans so I was rocking the double denim trend last century too!!

And that my friends is the underlying story of a trend. Wait long enough and it’ll come back into fashion again.

Embroidered denim aside, the trends that come around again and again are classics. And these are the ones I advise clients to invest in. Animal print, leather biker jackets, lace dresses, wide leg trousers, a tuxedo as an alternative to a black dress, bold 60's retro prints, trainers you wore in your younger days, slogan and band T-shirts, metallics, denim on denim.

These are the ones to add to your wardrobe to help you to feel on trend even just for a season, safe in the knowledge that in 10 years time, you can whip them out for that fashionable feeling once again. And it supports the sustainability of the much maligned fashion industry too.

So what's on trend for autumn 2019?

The retailers and the media are putting these out there:

  • Pattern and bold prints - lots of it, especially florals and leaf patterns

  • Colour - purple and green are everywhere

  • Tailored trouser suits - in bold colours and with oversized blazers

  • Coats - in all colours!

  • Square toed shoes and animal print flats

  • Pleated skirts and pin tuck blouses

  • Hair bands and decorated hair slides

Some of these excite me, some scare me - but the trick is knowing which sprinkles to use.

So how do you make the best buys for you and your wardrobe?

1. Start where you are. Have a look in your wardrobe. What have you already got in there that is giving a nod to a 2019 trend? Could you wear it in a different way with different items? Without spending a penny, you’ve got an outfit to wear to feel trendy in.

2. Interpret the trends to work easily in your own wardrobe. Take pleated skirts. It took me a while to find one that didn’t just stick out and accentuate my pot belly and hips, but I persevered as I knew it would add value to my wardrobe. I chose a plain one as a lot of my tops are patterned. I found one in Oliver Bonas in one of my key wardrobe colours, which I confidently know I can create lots of interesting outfits from. And it makes me want to skip – what’s not to love about a trend which does that!!

3. Think £ per wear. An on-trend garment which will work through a number of seasons is the holy grail. I’ve worn the pleated skirt recently with vest tops and sandals. But equally, its going to be lush with a chunky knit and boots in the winter. A skirt is a staple. A pleated skirt is a trend. A pleated skirt that works in a number of seasons is the trendy skirt that keeps on giving! In fact, they’re pretty much giving it away!!

4. Step out of your comfort zone. Retailers thrive on us being attracted to new things. We see it, we grab it as apparently its trendy just now, but we never wear it. But trends do allow you to be brave and try out new things without breaking the bank. Be bold. So, stop and think before buying it head to toe or ruling it out completely:

  • A little nod to zebra print in a shoe or scarf will give a subtle wink to the animal in you but not roar it so much that you scare people off.

Accessories are your comfort zone when it comes to trends and the key items which will dial up your wardrobe to be on trend. Bags, jewellery, shoes, belts, even gloves - subtle details with big impact.

  • Not something you would normally go for? Just make sure that the other trends you pick up on are true to your personality, such as a square toe shoe in one of your core colours or a purple sweater you know you’ll wear again and again. Wear them with your trusty, tried and tested wardrobe staples, and your common response will be “Who me? On trend yet effortlessly stylish? Why thank you.”

5. Know your style. It pays to understand your own style in knowing which trends will work of for you and your wardrobe. So ask yourself these questions before buying:

  • Do I love this? Will I love wearing it? (And you’ll know this as soon as you try it on, if not before!)

  • Will this work with 3-5 outfits already in my wardrobe?

  • Is it me or someone I want to be?

And if you can answer yes to these questions, go on, try it. So what if you’ve never worn faux fur? Or puffed sleeves? It matters what you think, what you feel, not others. Wear your nod to a trend with confidence, with joy and sit back and listen to the compliments come in.

And as I said at the start - I can help. Let me into your wardrobe. Let me take the overwhelm out of getting dressed every day. Let me show you the shapes and colours which work best for you. Let me help you to feel trendy, confident and gorgeous no matter whether you choose to follow fashion or not.

Contact me through my website, Facebook, Instagram, email or the trusty telephone for a no obligation chat – I can’t keep up with technology trends but I do look forward to showing you how to bring fashion trends into your life!!

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