Do you really need a new Christmas party outfit?

They sparkle, they shimmer and you are drawn to them. You imagine you were born into a lifestyle where these would be your everyday choices.

I'm talking of course about all those party dresses in the shops!

I'm the same - I'm not immune. I love a bit of glamour and could feel myself starting to think that I needed a new Christmas party outfit this year.

I don't though. I go to one Christmas party a year. Maybe 2. And I already have 4 glam dresses in my wardrobe.

My Christmas Party Dress Plan

So I've decided to practice what I preach. I'm going to dig them out and wear them in different ways. I'm going to come up with a new party outfit without buying anything new.

When I sort through wardrobes with clients, they almost always say "I'd never have thought of that" as I put together garments into new outfits and that makes me, and them, very happy!

There are 2 items in the outfits below, both of which I bought this year, which I think are going to get their £ a wear throughout the festive season – my denim jacket and statement yellow necklace. I really like how they take the formal edge off these dresses and makes them ideal for the lifestyle I actually lead!! See what you think.

Meet the Dresses

Dress 1 I bought for a TV premier in London 15 years ago (that’s really not my lifestyle at all!!). The fabric just glides over your body and you walk tall; thank you Ben De Lisi – you made me feel 100% red carpet in it!

Dress 2 is the bridesmaid dress from my sister’s snowy winter wedding, again 15 years ago. It was such a popular option at the time – a corset and skirt in satin from Monsoon. I have the shoes to match which look great with a pair of black trousers or jeans. I adore the colour (although it doesn't do much for Tilly the Tailor's dummy!), which is, of course, your perfect Christmas colour!

Dress 3 I wore for my own hen party in Cardiff in 2009. It’s H&M. Wearing a fringed dress means you can’t stay still the whole time you’re wearing it – you just have to shimmer and swivel – honestly you can’t help yourself! This one I have turned into a skirt on a couple of occasions by wearing a top over it – I bet you’ve got something you could do the same with in your wardrobe. A dress doesn’t need to stay a dress its whole life – maybe its always dreamt of being a skirt! Let the Christmas dream come alive!

Dress 4 is the bridesmaid dress from my own wedding. I had 3 beauties in these dresses – in green as a nod to me marrying an Irishman. As is often the case, I know the bridesmaids are unlikely to wear the dress again, but I liked it so much I snaffled one back! Monsoon came up with the goods again. And again, it’s a really festive colour. This looks great too with a sweater over the top, thick tights and boots.

Now it's your turn!

So there you have it. Festive outfits with things you already have in my wardrobe. I hope I've inspired you. Now it's your turn - go and have a rummage......

  • What have you already got that you could wear in a different way this festive season?

  • What could you put with something you’ve never put it with before to give you a whole new sparkle?

  • What accessories have you got that will give a touch of magic to an otherwise plain outfit?

Most of all go and have fun. Play. It’s dress-up time – enjoy! Happy Christmas.

I need help!

I love putting outfits together and there's nothing more exciting than creating a new outfit from things you already have! And I can help you. If you'd like help to sort through your wardrobe and come up with new outfits, then get in touch.

Contact me through my social media channels, my website or on 07843 006335 and let's put some magic back into your wardrobe!

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