Winter to Spring wardrobe - my top tips

Oh hello, sunshine! 5 minutes later - Ah, see you later then sunshine!

It’s the time of year when the sun gives a hint of its warmth, but then we need gloves the next day! You get dressed in the morning and its bitterly cold but you're roasting by lunchtime! Or the early morning sunshine lulls you into a false sense of security and you are frozen by elevenses!

Here are my tips on how to make the most of your wardrobe as we transition from Winter into Spring.

1. Layers

This is the absolute key at this time of year! There's not many of us who have the luxury of being able to afford different wardrobes for different seasons.

Yes, of course, there are exceptions like little summer dresses with beach hut patterns which clearly say “I’m soooo summer!” Or woolly polo necks and thermals which scream “Pick me! Pick Me! I‘m soooo cosy!”

But the majority of your clothes can stay in your wardrobe all year round by layering. You can create loads more outfits and get your £ a- wear much quicker.

Think back to what you bought in the heatwave of last summer. Could you layer that for Spring? Take a summer dress, pop a long-sleeved T-shirt underneath, some tights, maybe a cardi on top and then it’ll see you through Spring and Autumn, as well as its natural home, Summer.

Lightweight culottes and linen trousers might be designed for summer but if you put a pair of leggings underneath (turned up enough that you don’t see the bottom of them when you sit down!), wear a sweatshirt and trainers and you’ve got a new spring outfit.

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Is it a cardi? Is it a coat? No its my new Coatigan!

2. Coats and Coatigans!

To me coats aren’t just for a blizzard – they finish an outfit.

How soon can you ditch it though? Practically speaking, it depends on the colour and size of your coat. Comfort is one thing – if it’s a thick padded jacket that definitely says “I’m designed for the winter” then it gets an early bath – you’ll just end up too hot.

If its black or grey, again, I would be looking to de-robe as soon as I could. My coats are pink and blue just now and I’m looking forward to a couple of months’ more wear out of them as an overcoat.

If you want to invest in something for the spring, which will also work for the autumn, my advice would be a light coat or jacket. Something that you can get a couple of layers on underneath, in a colour that makes you feel good. And then there’s the coatigan! Bigger than a cardi, not as heavy as a coat, smart enough to finish off an outfit!

3. Scarves

My transition heroes. Well, my wardrobe heroes full stop. They’re the same scarves you’ve been donning all winter. Only now they’re for that day when it’s not cold enough to need a coat but there’s a chill in the air. Those scarves are perfect with a denim jacket or blazer. Don’t abandon them yet. They add so much interest to outfits. I wear them right through spring (might wear them in summer too! You got me - guilty!)

There are some fabulous spring colours of scarves in the shops - blues, yellows, greens, pinks. They’re a relatively cheap but colourful pick me up for your winter wardrobe to take it into spring.

4. Tights

I have a self-imposed rule (oh fool, oh rash!!) From Easter to October I don’t wear tights. Nothing says winter more than tights. Nobody really gets any pleasure per se from wearing tights, do they? What I do get pleasure from though are the number of different outfits that can be created with tights in tow. They can easily be your pop of colour or pattern. Especially in the next couple of months as it warms up a bit.

The thickness of your tights is inversely proportional to the temperature. Throughout the coldest months, I wear 60 denier opaque tights. As we move into spring I will drop to 40 or 30, but I feel that if I can manage less then I can probably manage without!! So time to ditch the woolly tights and make sure your 30 or 40 denier are in good condition.

This, of course, means abandoning tights on the same timeline as getting your legs summer ready! Scrubbing and smoothing, popping on a little fake tan if you feel like it. And that means that you can start baring an ankle too – that always signals spring for me!

white blazer, jacket and jeans, scarf, shelley kelly style, spring wardrobe, wardrobe makeover
Love a white blazer and it definitely makes me feel like spring is here!

5. Spring Colours

Nothing says spring more than white and yellow. I say get your white blazer or trousers out as soon as possible if you want to feel more spring-like!

Those white jeans you keep for summer – bring them out in spring and style them up differently. Jumper and trainers, blazer and ankle boots.

These shoulder seasons are the very time to be wearing bright colours. It's still pretty dreary out there some days and you need to bring your own sunshine. For a lot of women, that’s bright colours, for some its pattern, for some it's just getting to put your sunglasses on for that one sunny hour of the weekend!

So wear your colours, wear your scarves and love your layers! I am constantly looking for ways to help women make their wardrobes work really hard for them – if you think I can help you to make better use of your clothes and never again have that “I’ve nothing to wear” moment, give me a ring on 07843 006335, email on or through my social media channels.

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