"Shelley Kelly was my investment purchase.


I've made savings

many times over by buying and wearing

the right things"

As a Personal Stylist, I will help you find your look. The one which makes you feel like you can take on the world!
One which works for your body shape, your lifestyle and your personality.
You will feel more confident about dressing well for any occasion.
You’ll understand your brand – what do you want people to think about you before you even open your mouth?

Personal Styling is driven by you and what you want to achieve.

It’s definitely not always about spending £100's on a completely new wardrobe, unless that’s what you want.

The most common reason that women come to me is that they are bored with their wardrobe. They maybe feel "Mumsy" or want to feel a bit more "edgy" in how they dress. They might have a wardrobe bursting at the seams but never seem to have the right thing to wear. Or the clothes they have just don't work for their lifestyle now. Lots of women have gone through a significant life change, such as returning to work after a long break, starting a new job or moving on in their personal life. 

I will advise on colours, styles and trends. I will create a wardrobe of outfits which work for you and your lifestyle now! 

Prices start at £80 for a 2 hour session.

Below are some ideas of how I can help you, but let's be creative too.
Contact me on 07843 006335 with what you want to achieve and we'll design something to fit - in more ways than one!

Capsule Wardrobe Creation

Banish that "I've nothing to wear" feeling. A wardrobe de-clutter and shopping trip focused on stylish basics to create a clever wardrobe with a small number of versatile pieces.

Special Occasion

Wow , you look amazing! You have been invited to a friend's wedding or are going your son's graduation. Whatever the occasion you need the whole outfit!

Holiday or Honeymoon packing

A 2 week wardrobe - in an actual capsule! A capsule wardrobe of sorts, but not your everyday items. Something a bit special. We'll put together outfits from versatile pieces that won’t incur excess baggage charges! Check out my blogs on packing for your hols too. 

Seasonal updates

The media  bombards us with what we "should" be wearing each season. Says who?! We'll make our own choices thank you. Sometimes it takes just one or two really clever buys to update your wardrobe so you stay on trend for the new season. 

Back to work Mums

Going back to work after maternity leave is hard enough without worrying about what to wear! You don’t have as much time or as much cash as you used to do but you still need to look professional. We can create a stylish wardrobe with interchangeable pieces which work for your lifestyle now

Dressing for the new you!

A treat, a splurge, a reward - whatever the reason for the investment in YOU and the next exciting chapter of your life, we’ll get you perfectly attired to take it on!

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