Why do I need a Personal Shopper?

Do you hate shopping with a passion and see the activity as a necessary evil?


Do you love shopping but waste so much money on buying the wrong things? And you've still got nothing to wear!


Are you not sure what suits you or how to put an outfit together?


Are you an impulse or emotional shopper with lots of garments in your wardrobe with the tags still on?


Are you simply overwhelmed by the amount of stuff in the shops?


Then read on and lets go shopping!


How does it work?


I take women shopping to remove the overwhelm you feel when there is just so much stuff out there to chose from. 


A Personal Shopping experience is about learning a new set of skills. I will share my knowledge and experience with you to help you to make smarter shopping decisions, saving you time, money, stress and energy.


We'll talk about what you're looking for and your budget and I'll do a recce in the shops before our session. We'll then shop together and I find the clothes for you, so you don’t have to.


The things you buy in shops are individual items. I’ll show you how to make outfits out of these and buy the right things so you don’t have a wardrobe bursting at the seams but nothing to wear!


You will save you money in the long run. A personal shopping session gives you skills that will save you time, money and stress for the rest of your life!  You’ll spend better and be confident in knowing that what you are buying is right for you. You’ll become a more considered shopper, selecting only those items which you love madly or need badly for your wardrobe.


My services are more likely to be driven by value for money and investment purchases rather than encouraging you to spend lots of money in high-end shops if this is not what you are looking for. We will look at accessories as well as garments and I will advise you how to make a statement or subtly complement your garments with shoes, neckwear, belts and bags to lift an outfit from gorgeous to jaw-dropping!


"I have great outfits, feel more confident, have learnt lots and I've saved money!

I’ve spent 60% less than I did last year but gained more wearable options."

I'm interested! What do I do now?

Give me a ring  on  07843 006335  for a no obligation chat about how we can bring joy back into your wardrobe. Or drop me a message through my Contact page if you’d prefer.

Your Shopping Experience

Following a 1-2-1 consultation I will tailor the session to your goals and if necessary I will do a recce in the shops so that we can maximise our shopping trip time.


You will:


  • Understand the styles and colours of garments which suit you best

  • Save time and money by knowing how to avoid shopping mistakes

  • Save time and energy by reducing the "pool" of potential purchases

  • Know how to wear garments in different ways, creating new outfits with different accessories

  • Know how to create a targeted shopping list

  • Understand your personal “rules" for being effortlessly stylish

  • Receive follow-up advice on your personal “rules” for shopping so that you can always have these with you when you shop


Trips can be focused on a particular item, outfit or event or on a more general wardrobe update.


Shopping trips are largely in Exeter, but I am happy to discuss with you whether Plymouth, Bristol or Bath would be better options for your specific aims and provide a tailored quotation.

Train travel to other shopping destinations is charged at cost with time charged by the hour at £40 per hour, up to a maximum of 4 hours travel per day (e.g. London shopping trip will only incur 4 hours travel cost, Bristol 2 hours travel costs).


Please contact me for more information.

£40 per hour

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