Personal Shopping

When the dream of adding new things to your wardrobe becomes a nightmare,   it's time to call in help!

Why do I need a Personal Shopper?

  • You’ve got loads in your wardrobe but nothing to wear

  • The thought of going shopping overwhelms you. There’s too much and you can’t make a decision. You leave with nothing and feel defeated because you’ve still got nothing to wear

  • You take tons into the changing room but it’s never right.  It’s exhausting and you end up feeling depressed and dowdy

  • You hate shopping with a passion and see it as a necessary evil. You’ve got a big event coming up and you’re going to have to face the hell that is the high street!

  • You love shopping but waste so much money on buying the wrong things. And loads still have the tags on!

  • You keep buying the same things - you want to be a bit more adventurous 

  • You’ve no idea what suits you - in fact, you’ve no idea who you really are any more! You want your mojo back!

Close upof silve fat floafers with cropped blue jeans against a paved background
Interior of  a clothes shop with blue and yellow clothes folded, hanging and on models

Shelley Kelly was my investment purchase.


I've made savings

many times over by buying and wearing

the right things

Shelley Kelly personal shopper with a female client carrying shopping bags in Princesshay Exeter
Shelley Kelly personal shopper with female client in clothes shop showing clothes

Isn’t a personal shopper just for the rich and famous?

It’s the opposite! Rich, famous people have the luxury of being able to waste money shopping and buy lots of random on-trend things.


Sadly you don’t have that luxury! You want to save money and spend what you do spend wisely. You need your money to go a long way.


That’s where I come in. Clients say that investing in a personal shopping session with me saves them money in the long -run.  You’ll buy less but you’ll buy better.

Shelley Kelly Personal Shopper with female client walking through Princesshay Exeter talking

How will shopping with Shelley help me?

A Personal Shopping session is really about learning a new set of skills as much as buying some new bits for your wardrobe.


I share my knowledge and experience to help you to make smarter shopping decisions.


And I promise it’s fun!

1. Less stressful

I show you how to narrow down the options so that it doesn’t feel so overwhelming. We’ll have a list and I’ll keep you on track.


I’ll carry your shopping. I’ll even hold your hand if you need me to! 

2. Save money

I’ll share my a £ a wear philosophy with you! You'll save you money in the long run. You’ll spend better and be confident in knowing what you buy is right for you.


You’ll be a more savvy shopper, picking only things you love madly or need badly.

Clothes on coathangers pale colours micheile-henderson
coathangershopping store image pixabay

3. Save time and energy

I'll do a recce in the shops a few days before our session so we know where to shop on the day.


It’s a targetted trip so no directionless traipsing round every shop until you're fed up!

4. Know what suits and what doesn’t

I’ll explain why some things work and show you what to look for when you 're shopping.

This reduces the pool of potential purchases so you only take likely winners into the changing room.

5. No more nothing to wear

I’ll show you how to put outfits together. We'll look at accessories and I'll show you how to make a statement or subtly complement your clothes with shoes, necklaces, scarves, belts and bags.  Take something from "nice" to AMAZING!

How does it work?

It's easy and I promise its not scary at all!


Step 1    Get in touch to have a  no-obligation chat about how I can help. Trips can be focused on a particular item, outfit or event or a more general wardrobe update. We’ll chat about your budget too (any amount is OK!) so that you're comfortable with where we shop. 


Step 2    If it's for you, we'll arrange a time for a pre-consultation call: I always start with a friendly chat over the phone to get to know you and listen to what a good outcome would look like for you

Step 3    We’ll book in a time to go shopping.  I’ll go out and have a good look around the shops a few days before our session.

Step 4    On the day we’ll meet in Exeter town centre, have a coffee and a chat to get to know each other better. Then we’ll hit the shops! From 2-4 hours. Any more than 4 is too much for me!!


Step 5    I’ll send you some Smarter Shopping tips just for you so you’ve always got them with you.

How much does it cost?

A 2-hour Personal Shopping session is £80. Each additional hour is £40.

How do I book a session?

Get in touch with me and we can get you booked in. I normally have a couple of weekdays, as well as weekends available.

Call or text

07843 006335



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Additional photography by Micheile Henderson