Shelley’s time has been my investment buy. Can't tell you how much that has paid off - making me feel so much better about myself and saving me money long term.

Thank you for spending the time giving me advice, holding my hand and helping me be braver in making the most of my wardrobe. 

I’m so glad I decided to have a wardrobe sort.

I cannot describe what this has done for me.

Your passion for your work is very clear to see. 

You've come to the right place if: 

  • You look in your wardrobe and feel overwhelmed, underwhelmed, depressed, stressed, bored or stuffocated

  • You've no idea what goes with what or what suits you

  • You feel rubbish in your clothes – they don’t fit, they’re not “you” or they’re never quite “right”

  • Getting dressed is an exhausting and stressful battle you never seem to win

  • You wear the same things every day - you want your wardrobe to work better for you

  • You want to come up with new ways to wear what you’ve got and have new outfits without buying loads

  • You need advice on what to buy when you do go shopping

How does it work?

It's easy and I promise its not scary at all!


Step 1    Get in touch to have a  no-obligation chat about how you think I can help 


Step 2    If it's for you, we'll arrange a time for a pre-consultation call: I always start with a friendly chat over the phone to get to know you and listen to what a good outcome would look like for you

Step 3    We’ll book in a time to work together and set you on your way to your Wellbeing Wardrobe!

Step 4     You're back in control and feel amazing!

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Wardrobe Sorting takes place in your home. We’ll sort through your wardrobe, clear out, declutter, detox, fill bin bags, charity bags, try on and try in different ways.


You’ll have an organised wardrobe, some new outfits and an idea of your wardrobe gaps.  Read some reviews here

Personal Shopping sessions are in Exeter. We’ll meet for a coffee and a chat then spend time shopping together. It could be for a special occasion or to add some into your wardrobe.


I’ll take the stress out of the shopping overwhelm! And I promise its fun! Read some reviews here

Why Shelley Kelly Style?

I love to put a great outfit together! When it all comes together into something amazing, I can’t help but smile.


I know that what I wear affects how I feel and that how I feel affects what I wear. I know I'm nicer, more confident and more productive when I love what I'm wearing. And I want to share that with others to help them too. 


Underpinning my approach to wardrobe de-cluttering/ wardrobe wizardry/ personal styling – whatever you want to call it – are my own experiences of managing depression over many years.


I understand how hard it is to get out of bed some days. Never mind getting dressed and going out to face the day. I know the exhaustion and how it feels when you're at your lowest points.  I get it and it’s really hard.

I'm not alone and neither are you. The majority of the women I work with battle with a mental health demon on some level. Whether its depression, anxiety, stress, low self-esteem, low body cofnidence, imposter syndrome - to name but a few – many don’t recognise how it impacts on their daily life, even if it's in a small way. We have to get dressed and that can feel like a losing battle every single day when you don’t feel your best!

I want to share how getting control of my wardrobe and making it work for me helped me to make every day a little bit easier. Having a wardrobe that works for you, a wardrobe of outfits (not just individual garments shoved in there!) that you can go to on a daily basis removes stress, saves energy and will save you money in the long run.


Whether it’s for work, an important date, the school run, meeting friends, sitting around at home – I truly believe that what you wear can have a positive impact on how you feel.

This is Shelley Kelly Style.

Shelley is highly professional and very knowledgeable and not just about clothes. She takes your personality into consideration. She has a very warm and caring nature and she is hugely approachable.

She has a way of giving advice in the kindest way too, never once making me feel self-conscious

Shelley totally changed my ideas around what to wear and fashion. She helped me find the confidence to try new things. 

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