Shelley Kelly Style is currently hibernating until the Coronavirus pandemic allows safe shopping and wardrobe sorting experiences again.


See you on the other side!

Updated Dec 2020. 

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Ready to get your wardrobe sorted out once and for all?

Has getting dressed every day become a depressing, losing battle?


Do you want to turn your wardrobe into a Happy Place?

A wardrobe that supports your wellbeing.  This is my fashion passion.

"Wow !

What a difference Shelley has made!"

"Shelley helped me to find the confidence to try new things"

"Definitely a positive and uplifting experience"

"I cannot describe what this has done for me"

"Can't thank Shelley enough - what a guru!"

Wardrobe Sort Out - for women at their wits' end!

  • You'll feel in control of your wardrobe again

  • You'll feel happier and more confident in what you're wearing

  • We’ll sort through your wardrobe, clear out, declutter, detox, fill bin bags, charity bags, try on and try things in different combinations.

  • Decluttering your wardrobe de-clutters your mind

  • We'll put outfits together from what you already have

  • You'll know what to buy to create more. You’ll buy less, but you’ll buy better

  • Most importantly, you’ll feel more positive about your wardrobe

Personal Shopping - for women who want to be savvier shoppers!

  • No more shopping overwhelm and panic buying!

  • You'll know what you're shopping for so you buy the right things

  • You'll buy less but buy better

  • Special Occasion or just adding some “oomph” back into your wardrobe

  • I’ll shop with you, holding your hand and help you to buy the right things at the right price for you

  • You will look, and most importantly feel amazing!

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